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Surface Pro 3 Replace Battery

Are you having trouble with your microsoft surface pro 3's battery? check out our new replacement battery! This pro3 model has a batteries uses a new, sustainable battery technology that is brushed silver and comes in aots with a g3hta005h logo. This battery is perfect for your device and offers the latest in 6-cell technology. It provides up to 3 days of battery life and is compatible with this model.

For Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Pro3 Model 1631 G3hta005h 5547mah 7.6v

New Battery for Microsoft Surface

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Best Surface Pro 3 Replace Battery

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Surface Pro 3 Replace Battery Amazon

This is a surface pro 3 battery replacement part that is fits for microsoft surface pro 4 1724 12. It is a 3 in 1 battery that helps toreplace the battery on the surface pro 4. This is a 1724 g3 hta027 h replacement battery for the microsoft surface pro 3. The battery in this model is 3hta005h and it will allow you to use your computer with only an option of option 1. This computer has a 1631. if you're experiencing trouble with your microsoft surface pro 3 battery, and would like to buy one replacement, then this is the item for you! The replacement battery is made with high-quality materials and will ensure that you have the same level of performance when you need to use your device for another day.